Allysa Morton – Gravity


September 2021

Allysa Morton

My name is Allysa Morton, and I have been a student of SBCC since January 2020, studying photography. I currently live near San Diego, California.

I have always been a creative person since I was young, painting with watercolors, constructing collages, practicing ballet, and even horse vaulting. Even though I loved those activities, I wanted to express my imaginative thinking differently. Then, when I was eight years old, my mother bought my sister and me Sony Point-and-shoot cameras as a way to keep us busy during the summer. My passion was kindled and hasn’t extinguished since.

I hope to start a career in photography after I graduate in 2021. I would love to get into food or wedding photography, although I have a particular passion for macro photography.

I took this photo in my bedroom under the natural light of my window. With a bed sheet, I covered a small bucket, placing the glass ball on top. 

Inspired by scientific illustrations of gravity I studied in High School, I arranged a simple representation of the earth’s gravitational pull. Also, I played with darker hues and contrast to simulate a feeling of weight.