Ana Paula Dutra – Glory


May 2021

Ana Paula Dutra

My passion for photography is broad and vast. I’ve been photographing for decades as a hobby through my travels and adventures. I’m very much moved by nature and the great outdoors. I enjoy photographing landscapes, architecture, details, people in candid moments. The ocean has always had a presence in my life, and currently a lot of my images are from ocean sports. 

This particular image “Glorious Nature” is of a very special sunset I was fortunate enough to capture in Southern California. It was one of those beautiful days where the clouds were present, and the light just seemed to linger longer than usual as it displayed every possible color gamut of a sunset.

I’m incredibly grateful to SBCC for providing this platform and have had the chance to participate in this photo contest and would like to thank all that voted for my image, also anyone that may come to enjoy in the future.