Bennett Barthelemy – Newsworthy


February 2021

Bennett Barthelemy

Photo 1

I am passionate about photography and have been for 35 years. I have carried a camera to some 30+ countries and on rivers, cliffs, in wilderness and am passionate about shooting still images that promote a dialogue or ask a question that might be engaged or pondered by the viewer. My goal is to ultimately inspire the viewer to escape the confines of the known and explore and ask and answer their own questions and go deeper. I am an advocate for Wilderness and wild places and see the camera as a tool that can be used to promote engagement and understanding and protection of the natural world. Climate change, social issues, adventure travel with an informed conscience continue to be a focus and I enjoy the challenge of writing magazine features and shooting the images to accompany the articles. The image of the birthday party was an attempt to capture the hard reality of celebrating in the time of Covid. It was my father’s birthday in late January and immediate family joined, outside, well distanced with a bonfire between and the feeling of the image was a bit somber for me and I think that came through.