Checkout Information

At the beginning of every semester, ALL students are required to complete a new Student Info Form to be eligible to use Photography Department equipment and studio space.

Important: A current student ID and mask are required for pickup and drop off.

Student Info Form

If you would like to checkout photo equipment (i.e. Camera Kit) for the semester please fill out a student info form. Pipeline login is required.

Student Info Form

Acceptance of Checkout Rules

  • All students must read the checkout rules, fill out the student info form, and sign indicating his or her compliance with both documents.
  • Students will not be permitted to check out equipment until a completed student info form (SIF) is on record/updated for each semester. Updating checkout records may take up to 5 days. To avoid delaying his or her checkout, students should ensure that their SIF form is submitted no later than a day after a checkout presentation is given. These presentations are given by the Lab Technicians at the beginning of each semester.
  • Student information forms will be entered into the checkout software in order as they are received.
  • Violation of rules may lead to loss of privileges. Use of equipment and checkout is not a right it is a privilege. Violate the terms of these privileges and they will be taken away.
  • SBCC Faculty and/or Staff do not have the ability to override the checkout manager’s authority on issues pertaining to Check Out.
  • Problems involving checkout should immediately be brought to the attention of the manager. They will work with you to resolve the issue quickly and to the best of their ability.
  • There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to written policies.
  • Studio Rules and Info

Checkout Hours

  • Fall and Spring Semesters, Checkout is Monday – Friday 9:00am – 3:30pm
  • Summer Sessions, Monday – Friday 9:00am – 12:00pm,1:00pm – 4:00pm
  • Checkout is closed prior to Monday of week 3 and after Friday of week 15. All equipment is due back no later than Monday of Week 16.

Qualifications for Checkout

  • Students must be currently enrolled in a qualifying photo/film class in order to use checkout.
  • Students are required to complete specific classes in order to check out specific equipment, regardless of prior experience.
    • Students must be currently enrolled or have previously taken (and passed with a “c” or higher) the qualifying class in order to check out high-end or specialty equipment.
    • Film students may not request Photo Equipment. Photo students may not request Film Equipment.
  • Students must reserve equipment through the Booked Equipment Checkout system in order to obtain equipment.
  • Students with unpaid repair or replacement fees or students who’ve accumulated 3 suspensions may not check out equipment.
  • To check out high-end cameras, lenses and lighting equipment, you must be currently enrolled in, or have successfully completed (with a C or better) Phot209/ Photo II.
  • To check out color profiling systems, you must be currently enrolled in Phot285 Color Management.

Check Out General


  • Reservations must be made through the use of Booked Reservation Software.
  • If a student fails to cancel a reservation, all unclaimed reservations will be released 15 minutes prior to closing and will receive a week suspension, unless the reserving student has made a specific request as to pick-up time.
  •  Do not remove tags and/or barcodes from the equipment.
  • All equipment checked out under the same student account must be returned together.
  • A student may not return and then re-check out the same equipment the same day.
  • Student’s must make sure the cage staff receives the equipment and has signed off on his or her check in before leaving the checkout area. Any student who leaves equipment unattended at any time will lose ALL checkout privileges.

Late Fees

  • Students will owe late fees for any equipment returned after check-in time on the due date. Students account will be placed on hold until the amount is paid. Students must bring in a receipt from the cashier proving payment.
  • Students will be charged in full for items more than three days late until it is returned. The student is then responsible for all appropriate late fees.
  • Unpaid fees will result in withheld transcripts, grades, and admission. Tardiness in paying fees may result in contacting collection agencies.
  • Late fees are cumulative and are calculated on a per-day basis after check-in time on the due date.
  • Keeping equipment five days or more past the due date will result in suspension from checkout for the current and following semester and may result in police action.


Suspensions will be given for the following:

  • Late Returns
  • Damaged or Broken Equipment
  • Returning Equipment Messy/Dirty/Mistreated
  • Mistreating Staff
  • Not showing up for a reservation
  • Checking out equipment for someone other than yourself or your group
  • Using equipment for any non-school related projects (semester suspension)
  • Abandoned equipment is an immediate loss of checkout privileges for the semester