September 2020

Harry Tom

Photo 1 and Photojournalism

About the artist:
  • I’ve been a school teacher for 24 years, most of it as a math teacher but now I am teaching yearbook at a private school in Sun Valley, Calif., near Burbank so I am surrounded by all types of creatives.
  • I lost my passion for photography, almost sold all of my gear since they sat on the shelves for 10 years collecting dust but now I am finding my second wind and love for image-making in this digital camera social media age.
  • My dream job is to travel the world with my cameras to tell the story of “people.”
About the Image:
  • Taken in a village outside Kampala, Uganda, in the summer of 2016, while on a church service/mission trip.
  • I was Volunteering with Loving One by One who mobilizes local doctors along with international volunteers to provide medical care to some of the poorest villages and slums around Kampala, Uganda.
  • This photo was taken at one of the clinics set up in a small church in a local village, Elaine DeMello, a nurse from New Hampshire, is sitting with a young patient with Malaria and a fever of 104.  There is an IV in his arm, the IV bag is hanging in the window by a metal hangar.
  • A typical clinic would see anywhere from 500 – 1,000 patients in about 8-10 hours.  Amazing experience.