ICC Paper Profiles

Installing an ICC Profile.​

  1. Download the needed profile from the paper manufacturer.  See the paper list below or go to the manufacturer web page.
  2. Open the folder containing the paper profile
  3. Select the “Go” Menu in the menu bar
  4. While holding down the “Option” select “Library
  5. Go to Colorsync–>Profiles
  6. If the ColorSync folder doesn’t exist in the Library you will need to create it by going to File–>New Folder and name the new folder ColorSync. Within the ColorSync folder create another folder called Profiles.
  7. Drag the ICC profile you downloaded to the Profiles folder.
  8. Launch Lightroom/Photoshop.  If Photoshop or Lightroom is already running you will have to restart them.

Photo Department Custom ICC Profiles

Download these if you are using SBCC Photo Dept printers and paper on your own computer.

ICC Paper Profile Links

Canon Pro1 Paper Profiles

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