Kira Welch – Coffee

Caffeine Tower

May 2022

Stacked Coffee Mugs

Kira Welch

My name is Kira Welch and I’m a photo student here at Santa Barbara City College. I got started with photography in my senior year of high school and it has been an amazing experience from then to now. My camera almost never leaves my side and I’ve traveled out of state and country to photograph everything that catches my eye and turn it into something amazing. I will be getting my Associates in photography and can’t wait to see where I’ll go after.


This photo was taken in a small studio box with a dark background where I played around with the setup and figured out how to position the mugs. I stacked them carefully, using the coffee beans as a weight so that they would hold their positions without sliding around. It was a new and fun experience that has definitely given me more studio ideas to try.