Lightroom: How to Size and Format Images

The following screen-shots are from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic for the Apple Macintosh Operating System. Your version may differ, but the functions are the same.

If you need a refresher on Importing your images into Lightroom, please view the tutorial below:  

Once you have your images imported and selected, you will follow these instructions to ensure your file is formatted correctly and ready for upload.
This page follows the sequence of steps as they are presented in Lightroom.

Start by viewing Lightroom in the Develop or Library module.

  • Select your image(s)
  • Go to the Export Menu (FILE>EXPORT)
  • You will see the export dialogue box
  • Select the desired folder you wish to export to
  • Rename the file according to the assignment requirements
    (usually the first initial and last name with a description and sequence number)
  • File Settings
    • Image Format: JPEG
    • Color Space: AdobeRGB (1998)
    • Quality: 80
    • Do Not Limit File Size
  • Image Sizing
    • Resize to fit LONG EDGE
    • 5500 pixels (Unless specified otherwise)
    • 72 pixels per inch
  • Output Sharpening
    • Sharpen for Screen: Standard
  • Include All Metadata:
    • Do not Remove location Info
    • Do not write Keywords as Lightroom Hierarchy
  • No Watermark
  • Do nothing after Export

Click “Export.” Lightroom will create a new copy of your file(s) with the size and name you selected. The file will be where you previously designated. You now have a new file ready for upload