How to register with the Checkout Reservation System.

Before you make reservations for equipment and studios, you need to follow the three steps below so we can set you up with correct equipment in the Checkout Reservation System.  Please follow the directions carefully.

Step 1

Read Checkout Rules

Read ALL rules and policies for studios and equipment reservations.

Step 2

Complete Student Info Form

The Student Info Form is required for ALL students once a semester.

Step 3

Checkout Registration

Every student must register with the Checkout("Booked") registration system. This is only required once per student.
If you have already registered with Checkout in a previous semester you only need to complete the Student Info Form.

After registering please allow 24 hours for staff to add equipment to your user account.

Checkout registration (equipment/studio reservation system) is required for all students who want to use a studio or check out photo equipment. Follow the three steps below to get into the Booked reservation system.

At the beginning of every semester, ALL students are required to complete a new Student Info Form to be eligible to use Photography Department equipment and studio space.

Important: A current student ID and mask are required for pickup and drop off.

Student Info Form

If you would like to checkout photo equipment (i.e. Camera Kit) for the semester please fill out a student info form. Pipeline login is required.

Student Info Form

Once you have submitted a completed Student Info Form AND have Registered with the Checkout System you can make reservations for Studios and equipment.  For a tutorial on how to make a reservation click on the button to the right.

Note: After registering please allow 24 hours for staff to add equipment to your user account.  If you don’t see a list of equipment in the Booked system after 24 hours please contact either Jeff or Dave in OE184.