scrapes/Smudges on Prints

These are usually print head strikes (example) where the print head strikes the paper as it moves across the paper’s surface.


  • Canon Pro 1 – Launch the “Canon IJ Printer Utility” by going to System Preferences–>Printers–>Canon Pro1–>Options and Supplies–>Utility–>Open Printer Utility.
    • From the drop down select “Custom Settings”
    • Check the box for “Prevent Paper Abrasion.”
    • Print again
  • Epson 3880 – Increase the platten gap by in the print driver dialog.
    • Launch the print driver settings by going to “Print Settings” in Lightroom or from the Photoshop “Print” dialog.
    • Select “Advanced Media Control” from the drop down.
    • Under “Platten Gap” select “Wider.”