Smudges or Lines on Prints

Scrapes/Smudges on Prints

Black smudges like this are caused by the print head striking the paper surface.  To increase the “Platten Gap” (the distance between the print head and paper) follow these steps:

Canon Pro 1 – Launch the “Canon IJ Printer Utility” by going to System Preferences–>Printers–>Canon Pro1–>Options and Supplies–>Utility–>Open Printer Utility.

  • From the drop down select “Custom Settings”
  • Check the box for “Prevent Paper Abrasion.”
  • Print again

Epson 3880 – Increase the platten gap by in the print driver dialog.

  • Launch the print driver settings by going to “Print Settings” in Lightroom or from the Photoshop “Print” dialog.
  • Select “Advanced Media Control” from the drop down.
  • Under “Platten Gap” select “Wider.”