Speaking with Erik Greve

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After leaving/graduating from SBCC, what did you do to start your career?

I focused heavily on marketing myself on social media and created a website. I put myself in situations where I could network with the niche that I was providing to. I showed up to events within my niche and widened my networking circle.

Speaking with Erik Greve

After graduating from SBCC, what did you do to start your career?

I started working at one of Sweden’s biggest camera stores and I did freelancing on the side. 

I have also been doing photography for the company I’m currently working for, so it’s been a lot of e-commerce work. 


What milestones have you set for yourself for the next 12 months?

Just more shooting in general. On a personal level, I also really want to put my work out there more, currently trying to get my work into local coffee shops and such. 

What are your future plans with photography?

 My fiancé and I are in the early stages of starting our own photography/media business. It is very much an early-stage work in progress at the moment, but it is a goal that we are working towards. 

To view Erik’s work in progress, please check out his additional Instagram account along with his personal work of reenactment photos.