Studio Information


  • Studios are reserved through the Booked Reservation System only.
  • All students must check in at the cage when using the studio & check out when leaving.
  • Students must be enrolled in a Photography class to use the studios.
  • Proper studio attire, meaning close-toed shoes and a shirt, is required for all persons in the studio.
  • Bring your Student ID. No ID = No Equipment. No Exceptions!

General (Studio Usage and rules)

  • Students are required to leave studios clean and ready for the next student.
  • Absolutely No Glitter in the studios!! (Unless you have brought a Dyson© with you.)
  • DO NOT leave equipment unattended. SBCC is not responsible for lost or stolen items, including those checked out to you while you are in the studio.
  • Students are not allowed to trim or cut background sweeps. Do not put tape on the seamless; use post-it notes for marking.

Reserving Studio Space

  • Reservations can be made only through the Booked system at
  • Students may only reserve studio space twice a week and no more than one week in advance.
  • Students may not book more than one studio per day. If more time is needed, work with a group to book multiple slots.
  • Students who overbook studios will receive an overbooking strike and all current reservations for that student will be removed.
  • Students more than fifteen minutes late to their reserved studio time slot will be given a late/no-show strike and may lose his or her studio to a waiting student.

Studio Equipment

All Studios Have the following equipment.

  • 6 – 40″ C-Stands
  • Product Table and Modeling Stool
  • 3 – 15lb Sandbags
  • Black, Grey, and White Sweeps
  • 1 – 8ft Black/White Board
  • 1 iMac for Tethered shooting (not on the network)
    • Each item is properly marked in the studio. And expected to be returned to its proper spot before checking out of the studio.


  • Make sure the light switch is off before plugging the light in.
  • Grip lights by the stand when moving, raising or lowering them.
  • Sandbag the light once it’s in place to prevent it from moving or falling over.
  • Unplug power cords properly at the socket. DO NOT unplug the light by yanking on the cord! This damages the wires and leads to equipment malfunction.
  • Manuals for all strobe kits are available at >Help>Manuals>Strobes.
  • Before you unplug a strobe, make sure the power is off and then dump the power cell by pushing the test button. Failure to do so may result in violent electric shock.


  • Make sure that the weight of the arm will be directed over the tallest leg of the stand.
  • Tighten the knuckle towards the weight, not against it.
  • Grip joints at the base when raising or lowering the rail of the stand.
  • Brace the extension arm when tightening and loosening.
  • Return stands to the right-hand side of the studio, fully lowered, extension arm facing down, with knuckles tightened.


  • An “Over-Under” cord-wrapping technique is strictly enforced in the studios.
  • Students will be penalized for improper cord management.
  • All staff members are able to give cord-wrapping demonstrations.


  • Only students who are currently enrolled in or have successfully completed PHOT209 or PHOT280 may use advanced studio equipment.
  • This equipment is for on-campus use only and may not be checked off-campus without written consent of the department chair.
  • For a list of current advanced studio equipment, please see the Available Equipment Chart.


  • Nude photography is allowed if the student notifies staff beforehand. Signs will be posted to help ensure privacy.
  • Keep liquids away from electrical wiring; always turn off all lights before mopping up any spills. Should a spill occur, ask the staff for a mop.
  • Fire, smoke, firearms or weapons and drugs or alcohol are prohibited in the studios.
  • Unlit cigarettes and sealed alcoholic containers may be allowed with permission from the Studio Manager.



  • Late/No Show – Not showing up or showing up more than 15 minutes late for a reserved studio slot o Messy – Leaving the studio without cleaning up after yourself (aka “glitter strike”)
  • Improper dress – Not wearing closed toe shoes and/or a shirt
  • Food/Drink – Bringing food or drink into the studios
  • Noise – Especially sensitive during class meetings
  • Misuse/abuse – of studios or studio equipment (Improper cord-wrapping counts!)

Booked Reservations Instructions

Follow these instructions to register with the Booked Reservation System.