Thomas Palmer – Burst


October 2022

Thomas Palmer

My name is Thomas Palmer, I am a student at Santa Barbara City College. SBCC’s 109 class last year started my interest in photography and I am now working to improve as much as I can. I only started in photography last year and it has been great trying to improve my eye and expand my creativity through this medium and I think that it has helped me with my other creative interests.

This photo was a bit of a happy accident as I was trying to get a different image that just didn’t quite work but when going through what I had gotten, I found this one and was happy with the positioning and feel of it. The setup for this shot was fairly simple. I shot in a dark room and set off a speedlite at different times in an effort to get a shot of the bubble in contact with the nail. The in-contact shots never quite looked how I wanted but it still worked out. Overall it was a fun shoot that gave me a different experience and new ideas to attempt.